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Even the Marketer Can Forget About Marketing

I need to start this post by admitting something:

I can be a total hyprocrite.

Oftentimes I tell my clients that marketing needs to be a constant thing, not just something you frantically try to do once your business has slowed down, quiet season hits, a pandemic starts, etc.. You get the idea. One of the main goals of marketing, especially if you are a small business or individual contractor or something of the sort, should be to make those dips and lulls less impactful. You should always be trying to create a pipeline of leads and customers that know you/your brand and will still bring you business when the quiet times come rolling in.

So, what makes me a hypocrite, you ask? Well, I also have a tendency to let my own personal marketing lapse from time to time. Two weeks ago I got married, and for the weeks leading up to and immediately following, I found it hard to dedicate the needed attention to my business. I was in a bubble of wedding planning anxiety and then post-wedding bliss. Can you blame me? Look at how beautiful this wedding ended up being!

But I digress. My point is that it's human nature to allow the good times, whether they be in life or in business, to blind you from recognizing the come down. We get wrapped up in appreciating how amazing everything is going, and we absolutely should, but we should also prepare for future scenarios, whatever those may be.

All of this to say that you're not alone if you've let your marketing strategy and execution lapse over a busy summer. The changing of the seasons signal a new opportunity to refocus your attention and efforts and make sure you're set up for success from here on out.

If you need help tackling your marketing strategy, ensuring it's in line with your business goals, or want to discuss ways you can begin marketing your small business, feel free to reach out! I promise to never let you forget about tomorrow.


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