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What is Anchor Watch?

Running a small business, in many ways, is like steering a ship through the ocean's waves. That's where Anchor Watch comes in. 

In the Navy, anchor watch is a detail of one or more sailors who keep watch on deck at night while the ship is anchored. Their duties are to monitor the seas, predict oncoming weather, notify the master of any threats, and help to plot the ship's position. They keep their heads up to ensure that even when the ship is anchored, it is safe and on track.

That is what Anchor Watch Marketing can do for your small business as well. Helping you to keep your ship anchored and on the right path to success, through strategy, understanding risks and opportunities, and holistic planning.

All About Me

Jessica Ponyrko, Owner

After years working in corporate as a sales training specialist and brand launch manager, I was officially that term that has become synonymous with so many employees these days: burnt out. Too many hours in the office, too many weeks away from home and on the road, too many meetings for too many goals that I no longer felt connected to. My work had lost its meaning for me, and I'll admit that I quit my job without a plan.

Until one day I realized: I could take the same in-depth brand planning skills that I was helping implement on huge, national brands and help small business owners in my own community take control of their marketing. Once I rediscovered my passion for developing amazing brands and paired it with my passion for helping small businesses and female entrepreneurs, AWM was born organically. 

I'm so proud of what I've been able to do and who I've been able to help so far. I strive to be a partner to my clients, fully invested in helping them not only create memorable brands and spectacular websites, but to find a balance of their own.

You can find me on the South Shore of Massachusetts, with my husband Alex and our dog Lyra, being really passionate about small businesses, and continually working to find the perfect balance between fulfilling work and personal happiness. 

Graphic Design
Chrissy Casavant

Chrissy is our graphic designer and illustrator, based in Boston, MA. Her design experience includes marketing collateral design, custom illustrations, logo design and large scale architecture graphics. Chrissy's portfolio includes work for healthcare clients, higher education, nonprofit organizations, and wellness brands.

She received her MFA in Graphic Design from Boston University in 2021. She graduated from Providence College in 2016 with a BA, majoring in Fine Arts with a Writing minor.

Social Media
Ashley Mason

Ashley is the ultimate social media maven! She specializes in social media, marketing strategy, SEO, and content marketing. Ashley truly excels at working closely with business owners and entrepreneurs to help them craft and execute value-driven marketing strategies designed to establish thought leadership, grow online communities, and build connections and leads.

Ashley is a graduate of Stonehill College, where she received her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing.

Elaine Bogen

Elaine is our SEO Specialist (extraordinaire!), based out of Madison, WI.  She is a marketing professional with over 20 years experience.  She has worked in four countries, countless states and has a wealth of experience in nonprofits, as well as the travel industry.  She is equal parts creative and analytical, and specializes in Keyword Research and Search Engine Marketing.  

Elaine is a graduate of UW Madison, where she received her certificate in Digital Marketing.

Branch Manager

Lyra is the OG of the Morale Department, here from the very beginning of AWM. She serves as our Marshfield Branch Manager! 

A loyal GSD, she is passionate about her people and always enthusiastically encourages a work-life balance (aka - a fetch break!)

In her spare time, she enjoys fetch in the yard, long walks with frisbees, a rowdy game of catch on the beach... you get the idea!

Assistant Branch Manager

Lilly is the newest member of the Morale Department and our Assistant Branch Manager. 

A precocious, snuggly and yet still somewhat unfocused Golden Retriever, Lilly never misses a nap or a snack break!

She takes her job as Lyra's understudy very seriously, can frequently be seen chasing behind her, and hopes to be promoted soon!

Our Creative Team

This great team of experienced, trusted and passionate specialists help make the magic of AWM! Their dedication to helping clients achieve their goals is unrivaled, and I'm so grateful to work with them!

Brand Strategy

You know all those times when you feel overwhelmed by trying to market your business? When you don't know what to post or fall down the rabbit hole of looking at what everyone is doing?

Yeah, that's when you need a brand strategy.

Website Design

Your website is usually one of the very first things that someone sees about your business, and you need a website that represents your business while reaching the right customers.

Bonus - it will also looks great!

Marketing Management

Whether you need an accountability partner or someone you can trust to just hand everything off to, our team is here to support you in whatever way you need!

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