What is Anchor Watch?

Here on the South Shore, the sea and salty air are in our souls. And running a small business here, in many ways, is like steering a ship through the ocean's waves. That's where Anchor Watch comes in. 

In the Navy, anchor watch is a detail of one or more sailors who keep watch on deck at night while the ship is anchored. Their duties are to monitor the seas, predict oncoming weather, notify the master of any threats, and help to plot the ship's position. They keep their heads up to ensure that even when the ship is anchored, it is safe and on track.

That is what Anchor Watch Marketing can do for your small business as well. Helping you to keep your ship anchored and on the right path to success.

Image by Felix Tchverkin

More About Me

Committed to Excellence

I’ve spent the last ten years working as a marketing and project manager in the biopharma and life sciences industry, working on nationally distributed direct-to-consumer television and ad campaigns, and managing large-scale product launches and brand strategy projects. Now, I am hoping to take the skills I have gained through my big business experience and use it to help advance the small businesses that keep my community running.

Life on the South Shore is about more than just the amazing beaches, homes, views and schools. It’s also about community. As a local, I am able to understand your audience and help you find the best way to market your business to help gain new customers and keep loyal ones. I offer a wide array of services, including brand strategy, business organization and marketing management for all your marketing needs. I’ll not only help you hone in on your brand messaging and develop traditional and digital marketing assets, but also help you share and promote yourself and your business with these amazing tools.

In our digital world, up-to-the-minute marketing is everything when it comes to reaching your customers. If you have considered taking your small business to the next level, contact me today to set up a meeting and find out more about what I can do for you.

Jessica Ponyrko