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Brand Strategy

The Magic Sauce

Building a Brand for yourself or your business is about so much more than a logo and colors. It is about giving your brand a voice and a message that resonates with the people that need to hear it. Let me help you develop a brand that is authentic to your business and that will make marketing easier, by allowing you to reach your ideal clients confidently with a message that works.

Our branding services are fantastic for new entrepreneurs just launching or for more experienced business owners who need to reassess and scale. We'll collaborate to develop a brand strategy and visual identity that is completely custom to you, focused on your ideal customer, and authentic to what makes your business tick. ​



We begin with an in-depth questionnaire that dives into the heart, history and message of your brand. This allows us to understand your brand on another level, to understand your target audience, and to begin developing your creative visual identity.



Upon completion of the questionnaire, we will begin researching your competition, understanding your market, and developing your brand strategy and identity. 



Once we have drafted concepts for your review, we will have a number of collaborative meetings to work together on refining all of the different elements: mission and vision statement, value proposition, ideal client profiles, logo and brand guide, and more.



After finalizing your brand strategy and visual identity, we'll be ready to hand over all of your files. This will include all of your logo files, as well as a Brand Bible that you can use as a North Star for all of your planning, messaging and marketing needs moving forward.



We're also happy to write out an action plan of how you can implement this great new strategy for your business moving forward, and of course are always available to help you make those changes and watch your business grow!

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...don't know what to post

...aren't sure what to say

...wonder how people perceive your business

...don't have an elevator pitch

...aren't getting the sales you expected

...don't know how to scale

...aren't sure if you're working towards your goals

...feel insecure about your marketing

...try to keep up with the Joneses

...aren't sure who you're targeting

...want more return customers

...wonder if you should get on TikTok

...question if your pricing is right

...feel generally overwhelmed 

Innovative Brand Strategies for all the times you:

Jessica was great to work with on developing and refining a brand strategy for my architecture firm.  Her process helped immensely in clarifying the type of client I should look for, and how to tailor my marketing to highlight the benefits my process can provide to each unique situation.

A great process that has been incredibly helpful already and was easy and enjoyable from start to finish!

Joe Fisher

What do you get?
The Brand Bible

This service includes a complete and comprehensive dive into what makes your business tick, where you want it to go in the future, how you want it to be perceived by customers and more. It will include approximately 2-4 hours of collaborative sessions, competitor research, and in the end a Brand Bible for your reference that will include all of the following:

  • Mission Statement

  • Vision Statement

  • Value Proposition

  • Brand Attributes

  • Brand Personality

  • Ideal Client Profiles

  • Visual Identity (Primary and secondary logos, typography, color palettes)


The Answers You Need

Typically, there is anywhere between a 4- and 8- week wait for starting Brand Strategies. However, that window will allow you to spend more quality time completing your questionnaire and thinking about your business goals.

What is the wait time to start a brand strategy project?

Brand Strategy projects take approximately 4-6 weeks on average. However, this timeline may shift due to your questionnaire completion time, availability to meet, and any logo designs that are included.

How long should I expect a brand strategy project to take?

Before kicking off your brand strategy, we will send you an in-depth questionnaire about you and your business. Don't be scared, though! It's not as intimidating as it might sound! We just want to get to know you and your business, why you started, and what you want your customers to know about you. This will help us better identify your ideal clients and develop a robust strategy for you.

What will you need from me?

Great question! First off, no business is too small for a Brand Strategy. If you're just starting out, are feeling overwhelmed by your marketing, have felt like things have gotten stale or stuck, or are rebranding your business - it's a great time for a Brand Strategy! If you're not sure if it's right for you, consults are always free!

How do I know if I need a Brand Strategy?

We LIVE for this! Our goal is always to be your partner in helping you market your business in a way that makes the most sense for you. We invest ourselves into your goals, and helping you implement your strategy through web design, social media, content marketing, consulting and more is the most rewarding part of what we do at AWM!

Will you help me implement my strategy when it's complete?

We do! However, because we're such firm believers in strategy, expect a more in-depth process where we get to know your business a bit deeper so that we can design a visual identity that is so much more than just a graphic.

Do you offer just logo design?

Absolutely! While we love helping businesses design logos that fully integrate with their overall brand and voice, we understand that your business may already be established with a logo that you love, and we'll never force you to change it!

Can I get a Brand Strategy without a logo?

Ready to take control of your marketing?

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