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Website Design

The Face of Your Business

Your Website is the face of your business. Whether you offer a service or sell a product, you NEED a website. My goal is to work as your partner to build a website that is specific to YOUR business. To identify who your customers are and what your priorities are and help design a website that checks all of the right boxes - not just another website that came out of a box or looks like everyone else's. 




We begin with an in-depth questionnaire that dives into the heart, history and message of your brand. This allows us to understand your brand on another level, to understand your target audience, and to begin developing your creative visual identity.



Upon completion of the questionnaire, we will begin researching your competition, understanding your market, and developing your brand strategy and identity. 



Once we have drafted concepts for your review, we will have a number of collaborative meetings to work together on refining all of the different elements: mission and vision statement, value proposition, ideal client profiles, logo and brand guide, and more.



After finalizing your brand strategy and visual identity, we'll be ready to hand over all of your files. This will include all of your logo files, as well as a Brand Bible that you can use as a North Star for all of your planning, messaging and marketing needs moving forward.



We're also happy to write out an action plan of how you can implement this great new strategy for your business moving forward, and of course are always available to help you make those changes and watch your business grow!


The Answers You Need

Primarily, I prefer to design small business websites on WIX, as it is a very user-friendly platform for owners to manage long-term. However, I have significant experience with Shopify and WordPress as well, and will always recommend the platform that makes the most sense for YOUR business needs. 

What website platforms do you use?

Typically, there is anywhere between a 2- and 4-week window for kicking off website design projects. However, we can use some of that wait time to align on design expectations, content, layout and more.

What is the wait time?

No two websites are exactly the same, and I offer an anticipated timeline for each website project based on content, pages, strategy, functionality and platform. Typically, most website projects can be fully completed within 8 weeks.

How long should I expect my website to take to design and build?

Every one of the websites we design at AWM is custom-designed and built. We price each website based on the number of pages and functionality that will be included.

How much does a custom website cost?

Absolutely! We offer on-site SEO when setting up your website, and are also available if you are looking to optimize your website’s performance even further with off-site SEO, paid advertising, Google and more.

Do you offer SEO services?

Definitely! We offer routine maintenance, troubleshooting, and even SEO updates to your website once it is completed for a monthly fee. Because each website we deliver is custom-designed, we do recommend that you have someone on staff that is tech-savvy and able to keep up with updates if you choose not to retain website management services from us.

Do you offer maintenance on the website after it is completed?

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Let’s talk about Numbers:


of people cited that a website’s design is the No. 1 factor in determining a business’s credibility


of consumers shop with competition after a poor user experience


of small retailers don’t have a website in 2022

Custom Web Design

All of our websites are custom designed and developed for your specific business - whether you need eCommerce, scheduling, or anything in between

User Experience

Your website's first job should be to serve your customers. We design websites with your specific customers in mind, optimized for their overall experience while on your site.


We offer on-site SEO,  mobile optimization, connection to social media, analytics setup and more, to help you drive and keep traffic on your site.

Training & Support

We never want you to feel afraid of your website. We offer user training and long-term support that fits in with your specific needs.

We Go Above
and Beyond

Let's be honest. It's 2023. Everyone is walking around with a really powerful computer in the palm of their hand 24/7. And a lot of them are Googling every question that pops into their minds. If you're running a business in this crazy digital age, then the answer to whether or not you need a website is unequivocally YES. And not just any website. Not one that is just a pretty face. You need a website that attracts and converts potential customers into paying customers. 

Do you really need a website?

Ready to take control of your marketing?

Huge thank you to Jessica for the outstanding work she did to create and launch my new website. As a local business owner investing in a site can be overwhelming, but Jessica made this process seamless. She listened to all of my ideas on what my vision was and she made it come to life. She guided me the entire way with creative suggestions to make the site as user friendly and visually compelling as possible. Jessica is also extremely responsive as well and a pleasure to work with. I absolutely recommend reaching out to her to help with any of your website or marketing needs. 

Pete M. 

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."

     - Steve Jobs

Website Design and Development

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