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5 Ways Branding Can Save You Time and Money

Nobody ever said that starting a business was easy (well, I'm sure someone has, but I don't know them). The financial investment alone is pretty damn scary. Not sure about any of you, but I went into it blissfully unaware of everything to come - the paperwork, the business taxes, expenses, client acquisition, setting up systems, invoicing, working 12 hour days... Even the marketing, and I AM A MARKETER! I came out on the other side of my first year sort of feeling like this:

(PS - hands down the best character on Barry)

Along the way, though, you learn. Maybe you hire an accountant to manage your invoices and taxes. Maybe you bring on a couple employees or contractors. Maybe the constant struggle that is marketing your new business becomes easier and less burdensome... but probably not.

If your marketing feels unfocused and like a chore you never quite have time for, you're not alone. If I had a dollar for every time someone said to me, "I know I need to post on social media, but I never know what to say and so I forget. And then I panic and just post randomly and I get no reactions to it so I don't even see the point," well, I would still have to work, but I could definitely buy myself something nice.

But if this is you, it might be time for a complete Brand Strategy. And before you roll your eyes and leave this page, thinking "there's no way I have the time, energy or money to spend creating a deep-dive, long-term marketing plan for my business," just hear me out. I hear you! But what if I told you that, as daunting as this process might seem, it can help save you time and money now and in the future?


5 Ways that a Brand Strategy Can Save You Time and Money $$


The first and most important aspect of a successful brand strategy is having a strong understanding of who exactly your ideal clients are. By focusing your strategy and efforts on your highest value customers, your marketing costs will be lower (less wide net, anyone?) and will save you time trying to market to the people who aren't your people.


Consumers choose to buy one thing over another because they see the value in it. Having a concise value proposition, that clearly and succinctly let's consumers know what you're bringing them, helps to make customer acquisition quicker and cheaper.


Brands that are consistent and concise develop trust, loyalty and increased awareness among their customers. When consumers trust a brand and its values, it leads to increased conversions and return customers. Aka - jackpot! Brands like Nike and Starbucks didn't become that way overnight; they were so consistent with their products and messaging that consumers grew to trust them.


With increased trust, customer retention, and brand recognition, overall brand value is boosted. This means people quickly recognize the value of your product or service, leading to not only increased sales volume, but the potential for higher pricing as value association increases.


Effective brand strategies provide potential customers the tools they need to distinguish between alternatives, by offering market positioning. You should have a clear positioning statement that differentiates your brand, is believable and impactful to your audience, and that you believe in enough to let it drive all of your future marketing efforts.


As with most things, rolling up your sleeves and putting in some effort to do it really well from the beginning will ultimately result in a long life of success for your brand. It should make things like website design and social media planning significantly easier, and provide an overall sense of relief when it comes to managing your marketing.

If you're ready to save time and money with a brand strategy and are wondering how best to start the process - reach out and we can discuss plans that make the most sense for where you are in your business!


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