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Meet Elaine

The Wizard Behind AWM's Digital Marketing Curtain

We believe that strategy should be the basis of everything you do in your marketing. Nowhere is that more important than with SEO. So often on client calls and in meetings, I find myself referring to the 'wizard behind the curtain' of all the outstanding digital marketing we do here at AWM, and it seems like a perfect time to fully share just how amazing our 'wizard' really is.


Elaine Bogen is Anchor Watch Marketing's digital marketing specialist. From SEO, SEM, data and analytics, and everything in between, Elaine works closely with me, sharing all of her amazing knowledge and unrivaled, global experience to help our clients thrive.

Tell us a bit about yourself


I've dedicated the better part of my adult life to the exciting world of marketing, and it's taken me on a remarkable journey across the globe. From the vibrant beaches of Cancun, Mexico, to the bustling streets of Toronto, Canada, and the cosmopolitan charm of London, England, I've had the privilege of working in diverse and dynamic environments. Marketing, for me, is the perfect blend of creativity and analytics – a unique intersection where I find both inspiration and satisfaction.


A year ago, I made the heartfelt decision to relocate to Texas from Madison, Wisconsin, to be closer to family, including my lovable and slightly clueless foxhound companion, Travis, who, to his surprise, discovered he was a true Texan at heart.


How did you get into digital marketing?


In my tenure at a non-profit agency, I embraced the multi-faceted nature of non-profit work by wearing many hats. Among my responsibilities, spearheading digital campaigns stood out prominently. Navigating various platforms and options, I realized the potential for improvement was vast, but my knowledge at the time was somewhat limited, resulting in an ad hoc approach.


Driven by a deep desire to comprehend the 'whys' behind every action and committed to achieving better outcomes, I recognized the critical need to enhance my understanding of digital strategies. It became evident that to truly elevate metrics and outcomes, I needed to invest in gaining comprehensive knowledge and expertise in digital marketing methodologies.


During the pandemic, I decided to further sharpen my skills by returning to school at UW Madison, focusing on digital marketing to adapt to the ever-evolving landscape.


What did you do before joining the AWM team?


Prior to becoming a part of the Anchor Watch Marketing team, I held positions in both the non-profit sector and the resort industry.


While this may not have been directly asked, what I find most gratifying about being a part of Anchor Watch Marketing is the emphasis on collaboration. It's the free exchange of ideas, the profound respect for one another, and the unwavering dedication to our clients in pursuit of the very best outcomes. We continuously learn from one another, and our shared successes are celebrated with genuine enthusiasm.


What’s one quick thing all small business owners can do to improve their SEO?


Keywords in the digital marketing realm are a crucial aspect of success. Conducting meticulous keyword research and strategically incorporating pertinent keywords into your content, headers, meta descriptions, and internal links is vital. This practice enhances your online visibility and ensures that your target audience can easily discover your content and offerings. Effective keyword optimization forms the foundation of a robust digital marketing strategy.


How do you stay on top of digital marketing trends?

Remaining current in digital marketing is a personal commitment that I hold in high regard. I prioritize staying informed about the latest trends and insights by diligently following industry leaders. My routine includes regularly attending digital marketing webinars, which consistently provide me with invaluable updates and knowledge.


For me, collaboration with fellow professionals isn't just an option; it's a necessity for mutual growth. As an enthusiastic participant in various industry organizations and groups, I actively seek to expand my network and learn from peers. Maintaining my edge in the field is vital, so I conscientiously subscribe to marketing blogs and newsletters to stay current. Additionally, I maintain a continuous commitment to my education, consistently enrolling in additional digital marketing courses to ensure that I remain ahead in this ever-evolving industry.


What are your favorite digital marketing tools?


Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Keyword Planner, WIX dashboard, SEMrush, MOZ, Spyfu, HubSpot, Ahrefs,


Name one thing you are super proud of


On a personal level, my greatest source of pride is my daughter. In my professional life, I take immense pride in my insatiable appetite for knowledge and growth.


What would we most likely find you doing on weekends?

You'd probably find me starting my weekends with a cup of coffee, followed by a 6:30 am hour-long walk with my dog, Travis. After that, it's all about a hearty breakfast, brimming with an abundance of fresh veggies and protein. The rest of my weekend typically involves a mix of activities like attending events, shopping, quality time with my family, planning my next adventure for travel, and relishing the simple joys of life.


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