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Owning a small business is a lot, and the work never stops. And if you're like a lot of small business owners, you probably have moments where marketing seems REALLY overwhelming. The logo, the website, the social media posts and engagement... it's a lot! But it doesn't have to be...


My goal is to help you build a brand that speaks to you and your business. Every small business is personal, and your brand should be too. I want to help you create a marketing strategy that is authentic and true to your business, that helps you reach your target clients. And then I want to help you execute that strategy with cutting-edge web design, content marketing to fill your funnel, and a day-to-day marketing plan that feels EASY.


Marketing your small business is important. I'm here to help and be your partner along the way. Schedule a consult today!


How can I help?

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Brand Strategy

I'll work closely with you to help develop an overall brand strategy that will help you not only reach your customers, but also meet their needs.

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Website Design

You deserve a website as unique as your business, that meets the needs of your customers every step of the way.

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Marketing/Lead Generation

Through social media and digital marketing tools, we will help to grow your business and cultivate new and promising leads.

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In my first year of working with Anchor Watch Marketing, my business has grown by a third and I’ve had my best year ever.   Jess’s insight and talent are now an essential part of my business planning.  When we first engaged, I had some marketing thoughts and concepts, but never had the real expertise or time to implement them consistently or effectively.  With Anchor Watch, I have a marketing partner to keep me accountable and my social media presence timely and professional.  Jess is smart, gifted, and fun to work with.  
I can’t recommend Anchor Watch highly enough. Hire them and don’t think twice about it.  

Michael Baird

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