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Where strategy, design, and implementation meet

Owning a small business is a lot, and the work never stops. And if you're like a lot of small business owners, you probably have moments where marketing seems REALLY overwhelming. The logo, the website, the social media posts and engagement... it's a lot! But it doesn't have to be...


Our goal is to help you build a brand that speaks for you and your business. Every small business is personal, and your brand should be too. We want to help you create a marketing strategy that is authentic and true to your business, that helps you reach your target clients. And then we want to help you execute that strategy with cutting-edge web design, content marketing to fill your funnel, and a day-to-day marketing plan that feels EASY.


Marketing your small business is important. We're here to help and be your partner along the way. Schedule a consult today!

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Marshfield, MA


Small Business Marketing Specialists

See what heights your business can reach with holistic and intuitive marketing

Working with Anchor Watch has been the best business decision I’ve ever made.  Roughly two years ago, I needed to increase my social media presence and overall exposure.  Jess was knowledgeable, responsive, and extremely talented.  My business has grown by more than 30% since engaging with her and my two years of working with Anchor Watch have been my most productive ever.  If your business is at a tipping point, you need to work with Anchor Watch.    

Michael Baird

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South Shore, MA

AWM Services

Brand Strategy

You know all those times when you feel overwhelmed by trying to market your business and all the moving pieces that come with it? Yeah, that's when you need a brand strategy.

Website Design

You need a website as unique as your business, that tells your story in your own voice, attracts the right leads, and helps to convert them into customers. Bonus - it will look great too!

Digital Marketing

Get found online with our expert support! SEO, SEM, PPC, analytics, optimization and more that will help you reach your target customers exactly where they are!

Marketing Management

Your marketing should be a cohesive plan, designed to grow your business - not a cause for stress! Whether you want hands-on management , or a helpful consultant, we're here through all stages.

Why We Stand Out from the Crowd


We firmly believe that all marketing should be anchored in strategy. From your social media to your website and everything in between, a solid strategy is what makes the difference between piecemeal marketing and marketing that feels easy and actually makes a difference.


Small businesses are truly the heart of our communities, and helping them is not just something we do for a paycheck. We're passionate about supporting entrepreneurs and helping them succeed, because when they do, we're all better for it.


We reject the idea that small business owners should be working 24/7. Trust us - we believe in 4 day weekends and regular vacations! Our goal is not just to make your marketing easier and more successful, it's also to give you some of your life back!

Half day brand strategy intensives

Riding the waves


Check out my podcast with Marshfield Community Media's Yvana Osborne where we chat with local women in business and share all the ups and downs. We're on a mission to normalize that none of us have it all figured it out, but together we can make anything happen!

She Means Business

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